RoboHeart is for more than RC cars

RoboHeart has just what you need for your next Maker project!

RoboHeart is the best electronics kit for Makers of all skill levels. Whether this is your first time tinkering or you are an experienced Maker, RoboHeart is the only board you need to unlock your creativity. We incorporate connectivity (BLE+WiFi), open-source programming (Arduino) and augmented reality (our secret!) into your projects… all controlled with the convenience of your smartphone.

Dive right into buiding your next project.

With RoboHeart, you will have access to an open-source Arduino Library on GitHub. This includes easy-to-use code for beginners, as well as more complex tasks like reading the IMU sensor data and connecting your RC car with your smartphone.

Have a look at our one-board Balancing Bot! You can find all the instructions to make it yourself here on Instructables. What a great way to get into making STEM projects!